This weekend, at the Regional Tournament hosted at BHS, the Pioneer Speech Team advanced EVERY single event AND the champion Performance in the Round to the Sectional Tournament!! The Pioneers will compete this weekend at U-High to see who will make it to State. Please join us for our Night Before Sectionals event on Wednesday, from 6-8 in the UHigh Library, where you can see the members of the IE Team AND the PIR perform! Full Results:

1st Place DDA: Owen Schmitt & Ellis Zimmerman

1st Place DI: Aidan Richardson

2nd Place EXT: Max Miller

2nd Place HDA: Katie Aitken & Will Miller

3rd Place HI: Aidan Richardson

1st Place IMP: Max Miller

1st Place INFO: Pearl McDade

4th Place OD: Pearl McDade

1st Place OC: Lila Grace Bardwell

1st Place OO: Shreya Nallamothu

1st Place PIR: Ollie Boyd, Soumya Boyina, Mahi Ganta, Reith Kohli, Ella Kolb, Grace Myers, Tim Park, Ashrith Ponna, Dhruv Ravinuthala, and Addilyn Waddell (coached by Noemi Lara)

2nd Place POE: Eesha Yadav

1st Place PRO: Benedicta Johnson

3rd Place RS: Thomas Raycraft

2nd Place SOS: Shreya Nallamothu

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