Alumni: 2016 Donors

Lab School Donor Roll
December 1, 2015 – December 31, 2016


$10,000+ (Legacy Society)
Thomas and Carole Barger
Mardell Martin and Dave Martin Family
Frances Owen
Donald Turner

$1,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Mark and Laurie Adams
Steve and Sandi Adams
Brian and Aimee Beam
Kevin and Colleen Brown
Janette and Scott Bruns
Kevin and Tammy Carroll
Kellie and Michael Clapper
Larry Cohler
Jeffery and Deanne Colledge
James and Kelly Collins
Clyde B. Coombs
E. Paula Crowley and Daniel Deneen
Kenneth and A. Gigi Fansler
John and Karen Feely
Laura and Thomas Feely
Allen and Elizabeth Fry
Robert Gipson
David and Kristi Greenfield
Nalin and Neha Gupta
John Handy and Linda Murphy
Ryan and Michelle Hardman
Bruce Harris
Jingyuan He and Qichang Su
Mara and Bart Hedgcock
Paul and Julia Heller
Deborah and Selby Hubbard
Kelley Jordan
Kim and Colleen Kannaday
Michael and Patricia Kirk
Jon and Jo Ann Laible
Jean-Christophe and Zsuzsanna Le Mentec
Mary and John Lindstrom
Meredith and Thomas Lovelass
Marilyn and Kevin Maffett
Roy Magnuson and Shannon Maney-Magnuson
John and Coleen Marshall
David and Margo Martin
Ruben and Annette Martinez
Randy and Dawn Mattia
Steven Michaels and Brandon Albee
H. Fred Mittelstaedt
David Morris
Joseph and Lois Morrow
Julianne and Andrew Mosele
James and Leslie Mullins
DiAnn and Jeffrey Naden
Audrey Naffziger
Thomas and Sharry Ocheltree
Richard Pfeltz
Edwin and Kathleen Pierce
Dean and Debra Plumadore
Timothy and Susan Rink
Gregory and Catherine Rodriguez
Karen and Stephen Sanger
Chad and Apsara Sorensen
Neil and Joan Styczynski
Teresa and Lyle Thompson
Mary Welch
Jacqueline Widdel
Michele and Andy Wittman
Deborah and Fred Wollrab
Dan and Susan Zenor

$500 – $999
William Baker
Daniel and Jean Bates
Kelly Bever
John Bjork
Diane and Scott Black
Hulda and Kyle Black
Kurt and Stephanie Bowers
David and Kristin Burke
Eric and Karin Burwell
Rebecca Camp
Jessica and Jason Chambers
David Coffman and Amy Fritson Coffman
Boston and Janice Cooper
Beverly Cornell
Amy and Craig Cortese
Catharine Crockett and Stephen Leskovisek
Jennifer Dawson
George and Beth Dulee
William and Julie Dunbar
Richard Edwards
Gregory Eisenrich
Terry Eovaldi
Julie and John Feely
Jennifer and Keith Frank
Rogers and Joy Freedlund
David and Nancee Frey
David and Nancee Frey
Don and Veralu Fritson
Franklyn and Collette Fung
George and Kristie Galindo
Jeffrey and Colleen Graham
Kelly and Adam Heissler
Jeffrey and Kelli Hill
Rissa Hinton-Smith
Staycee and Murray Hynes
Sherry and Parker Jain
Arti Kamatar
Kelli Kiefer
Peter Lamonica and Katie Lamonica Johnson
Edward and Goline Lawrence
Erick Lee and Christina Doxsie
Roberto Lopez
Andrea and Darin Markert
Tricia Martin
Joseph McCullough
Jaime Mendez
Jeffery and Elizabeth Mercier
Marianne and Lyle Meyers
Roosevelt and Trenn Moore
Tami Morris
Daniel Nanni
Monica and Kirk Noraian
Dele and Terry Ogunleye
Michael Orgler
Jamie and Eric Outlaw
Timothy and Meaghan Pantaleone
Thomas and Grace Park
Jennifer and Scott Pinter
Bill Poland
Michael Raycraft and Emily Gleichman Raycraft
Ann and James Sallen
Eric and Christina Schlipf
Gordon and Carol Schroeder
Janet and William Streenz
Thomas and Kennedy Turner
Steve Vanvaley and Karen Van Valey
Stephanie Walling
Cathy and Eric L. Webster
Brian and Kelli Weiland
Amy Wieting
Michael and Jillian Wille
Emily Wissmiller
Michael and Deborah Wolford

$300 – $499
Wilma and Richard Bates
Brent and Christy Bazan
Jacob and Sienna Beard
John and Jennifer Blum
Karen Deighan and David Skelding
Kent and Patricia Graves
Patricia Harter
Ani and Luke Hensleigh
Teresa and Wensley Herbert
Neal Hermanowicz
James and Judith Jacobs
Paul and Jane Kiel
John and Danielle Kim
Lindsay Leetch
Kuo-Chiang Lian
Shad and Danielle Lindsey
Lynn and Matthew Litwiller
Heather and Daniel Marshall
Mildred and Norman McCormick
Thomas and Sandra Mercier
James W. Miller
Patrick and Julie Murphy
Andy Norton
Sharon and Thomas Ocheltree
Carol and William Parish
Robert Piker and Pamela Locsin
Norris and Beth Porter
Carol Rhodus Sieg
Sarah and Greg Riss
Janine and Jose Rodriguez
Susan Roth
Dustin and Kristen Sargent
Lisa and Ryan Tabaka
Jennifer and Eric Thome
Paul Torres
Divina Ungson-Walbert and Mark Walbert
Carole and Richard Wade
Martha West
Michael Wiant

$100 – $299
Nicolas and Rebecca Africano
Max and Christine Albritton
Charles and Katie Allen
Tandrea and Brian Allison
Finn and Laura Amble
David Anderson
Karen Arnold
Ryan Ash and Melissa Mercier-Ash
Janean Baird
Jason and Kristin Barickman
Marcia and Fred Basolo
Karl and April Bauchmoyer
Sandra and Arthur Beier
Andrew and Julie Bender
Andrew and Penelope Bender
Darren Beverage
Donald and Christie Bis
Karlene Bledsoe
Barbara and Robert Blunk
Rodney and Cara Boester
Tracy and Jeff Bovee
Mary Ann Boyd
Rodney and Christine Bray
Sylvia Browning
Carol and Charles Burrell
Stephen and Barbara Cade
Joydip Chakravarty
James and Michelle Chow
Richard Cicciu
Mark Cottone
Sherrilyn and William Cowan
Bryan Crabtree
Mary* Crain
Walter and Linda Crowley
April Davenport
Teresa Dubravec
Richard and Virginia Dunn
John Eckert
Thomas and Linda Eddy
Virginia and Paul Emery
Betty and Don Farmer
George and Nancy Fearheiley
Thomas and Heidi Felstead
Dennis and Laura Fitzgerald
Robert and Teresa Fitzgerald
Katherine and Bill Formby
Rebecca and Russel Francois
Charles and Dawn Fudge
David Fuller
Thomas and Zona Galvin
Carlton Gamer
Valerie George and Stephen Anderson
Barbara Gibson
Katherine and Mark Gibson
Andrew Golomb
Beth and Scott Gordon
Kenneth and Heather Gray
Michael and Stephanie Hagerty
Amy and Jon Harris
Kathryn and Scott Henderson
Byron Hendren and Maribel Santiago-Hendren
Lisa and John Heptinstall
Lynn and Stephen Hillen
Betty Holmes
Max and Irene Honn
Barbara and Edward Horn
Michelle and Dwight Houchin
Mary Howard
Shirley Howard
Kaetlyn Hubbard
John and Bei Huber
Diane and John Hughes
Adam Humphreys
Jacqueline Hux
Stephen and Karen Ivens
Cynthia James
Frank and Judy Jarke
William and Fern Jennings
Laura Jennings-Mitchell and Joshua Mitchell
Michael and Janet Johnson
Suzanne and Michael Jones
Rebecca and Dennis Joray
Cheryl and David Juarez
Ruth Kapes
Linda Kean
Lisa and Bryan Kendall
Ann and Robert Kennedy
Jennifer Kennedy
Kevin Kiesewetter
Thomas Kirkwood
Kathleen and David Klein
Janelle and Brady Knight
Kim and John Korschgen
Douglas and Cheryl Koth
Lisa Kowalski
Lisa and Kevin Kozlen
Kathleen and Walter Kraft
Richard and Jane Kuchefski
Beatrice and Charles Kulier
David Kuntz
Bart and Janet Lammey
Judith and Phillip Landes
Robert Landes
Robert Landes
Eric and Shelly Lapan
W. Marc and Rachel Leonard
Todd and Sarah Lindsey
Dorothy Macnamara
Phornsawan and Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon
John Maier
Martha and Charles Maney
Jaime and Kelly Mapugay
Bary and Anita Marquardt
Nancy Marsaglia
Michele and Craig Mathieson
John and Verna McAteer
Melissa and Micah McClelland
Jennifer McDade
Robert McDade
Joseph and Shannon McKay
Kirk and Anna McKinzie
Gregg Mecherle and Barbara Pratt
Janet Miller
Michael and Brittney Minton
Karen Moore Schffbauer
Robert and Carol Morris
Chris and Kathy Murdoch
Edward O’Connor
James and Erika O’Connor
Keith and Sara Palmgren
Martha and Patrick Phares
Mark and Jane Pickering
Peter Pontius
Sarah and Michael Powell
Glowdine Powers
Janet and William Profilet
Sarah and William Ray
Johanna Rayman
Julie Remkus
Melynda and Scott Renner
Jay and Jane Rich
Todd Romine
Matthew Rudolph
Karen Sams-Davis and Gary Davis
Theodore Sands
Lynda Schaab-Rush
William and Linda Schlosser
Sandra and William Schmeling
Kenneth and Sandra Schoenig
Richard and Randina Schuckman
Peggy Scott
Ron and Donita Sendelbach
Sarah Sessions
Douglas and Kimberly Simpson
Kent and Rualani Simpson
Gerrit and Beth Sinclair
James and Joan Sears Sloneker
Michael and Debra Sondgeroth
Susan and Kristopher Spaulding
Barbara and Donald Stamets
Jeremy and Autumn Stanton
Krista Stearns
Dennis and Linda Steele
Nancy Tettenhorst
Troy and Karen Thiel
L. Jane Thomley
Gary and Patricia Thompson
Maura Toro-Morn and Frank Morn
Pamela Travis
Dane and Jennifer Ward
David Watterson
Frank and Barbara Wieting
Wilma Wieting
Jeremy Wilcox
John Williams
Travis and Christine Williams
Robert and Lisa Wills
Teri and Stephen Wilson
Jeff and Sarah Wollenweber
David and Jennifer Woodward
Mabel and Ben Wu
Brianne Wykis
Ray Zaleski

$1 – $99
Anonymous (3)
Margaret and William Abbott
Aaron and Ann Adams
Marylee Allen
Donna Alsene
Brent and Anastasia Alsman
Kym Ammons-Scott and Augustus Scott
Erik and Audra Anderson
John Anderson
Lowell and Eleanor Antenen
Jennifer Armstrong
Shelley and B. McLean Arnold
Kathleen Arthur
Tammy Baker
David and Debra Barford
Megan and John Barnet
Emmy Bates
Tyler Beard
Richard and Cindy Behrens
Ramsin and Jizet Benyamin
Kia and Marcel Blythe
Cara and Rodney Boester
Mary Bowen
David and Ann Braden
Mary Bradley
Patricia Braid and Jeff Havens
Tara and John Braucht
Nicole and Eric Brauer
Sally Burmeister
Anne Bushnell
Phillip Cade and Amie Kincaid
Gerald and Sandra Carlson
Adam and Lyndsey Carney
Renee and Thomas Carrigan
Madhu Chamarthi
Jih Chang and Hassan Mohammadi
Caroline Chemosit and John Rugutt
Christine and Jacob Chiodo
Rosanne Chiodo
Janet Claus
Ruth Cobb
A. L. Colson
Dodi Conser
David and Marsha Cooprider
Angela and Jeff Coughlin
Stephen and Sherry Cullen
Steven Cushman
Charles Daley
Mary Davis
Mercedes and William Davison
Terence and Marie Dawson
Eleanor Dayton
Jenna Demarco
David Dispennett
Darcy Drexler and David Anderson
Brendan Duncan
Jocelyn and Brendan Duncan
Kevin Eack and Lori Reed
Robert Earley
William and Tammy Eddy
Megan and Adam Edgcomb
Jennifer and Gregory Eisenreich
Ryan Elias
Matthew and Sarah Etcheson
Joan Fagerburg
Rustin Fakheri
Bonnie and Gary Fern
Michael Fitzgerald
Caroline Fleming
Rebecca Foley
Beverly Fowler
Deborah and Brian Frank
Marilyn and Rogers Freedlund
Denise Fries Romack
Ann Fuehrer
Diane Gaddy Kraft
Steve Gardner
Douglas and Stephanie Gillam
David and Jill Gisler
Lacey and Kyle Glandon
Paul Goff
Juliet Pritner and Peter Gonzales
Jacqueline Gottlieb
Andrew Goveia
Pennie and William Gray
Victoria Graziano
Frances and Ronald Greenfield
Sharon Griffin
Ann and Eric Gullixon
Amanda and Douglas Guyer
Lorna Hagele Ludwig
Howard and Marla Hallstein
Jonathan Hand
Jamie and Kristin Harding
James and Jodi Hari
Dana Harrell
Jan and Tom Harrell
Michael Hayes and Annalee Menz
Jan and David Hedrick
John and Patricia Heimerdinger
Heather and Arik Heinrich
Linda and Jack Hendricks
Amy and Jim Hess
Eric and Penny Hitchcock
Rachael and Shane Horvath
James* Howard
Brenda Huber
Kelly Huey
Timmy and Sandy Huff
Ellis and Mandy Hurd
Kay Ijams
Christina Isabelli-Garcia and Arturo Garcia
Chiharu Ishida-Lambert and John Lambert
Cynthia and Richard Jagodzinski
Guang Jin and Junming Han
Dorothy Jones
Joseph and Lisa Kapraun
Dana and Kyle Karraker
David and Susan Keene
Todd and Amy Keil
Jennifer Kennedy
Ross Kennedy
Chelsea and Jeff Keyser
Austin Kilcoin
Adam Klaege
Judy Klafta
James and Ruth Knecht
Christine and Kraig Komnick
Andrew and Diane Kraft
Janet and Stephen Krejci
Lisa Kuster
Jason and Lynda Landes
David and Susan Landess
Christine Lane
Robin Lantz
John Larson
Carolyn Lasher
Alma Lathrop
Patty and David Leach
Jeanne and Robert LeMieux
Benjamin Libert
Melissa Libert
Dan Lillyman
Lee and Bee Lim
Brian Loeffler
Diana Love
Robert and Shelley Loy
Luke and Angela Luginbuhl
Kelsey Maffett
N. K. Martin
Chris and Lisa Marx
Cheryl and William Matzker
Dawn McBride and Jeffrey Wagman
Jana and Gustin McClellan
Chad and Mary McKinney
Julia Mendez
Rebecca and Robert Mentzer
James and Teri Merna
Paul and Sharon Mersch
Douglas and Michelle Meyer
Patricia and H. J. Michels
Patricia Miles
Kay and James Miller
Todd and Laura Miller
Michael and Mary Mills
Stephen and Janel Miner
Shirley and Gilbert Mitchell
Lucy and Matt Morkin
Thomas and Jana Mortimer
Alison and Philippe Mouton
Donald and Donna Murphy
Mary Jo and William Murphy
Bruce and Pamela Naffziger
Brian Nelson
Darcy and Dion Newby
Courtney and Kurt O’Connor
Patti O’Connor
Marcia and Thomas O’Donnell
Carole and Robert Oldowski
Candice and Robert Osenga
Karen and Tom O’Shea
Matthew Overton
Kimberly and David Page
Alison and Charles Parla
Kristin Peel
Stephen and Ann Personette
Glen and Jamie Petersen
Maureen Petersen
Randall and Sandy Petersen
Carolyn and August Pfeifer
Douglas and Angela Phelan
Richard Pocs
Ann and David Pontius
Almetrise Price
Jon and Laura Pritts
James and Kelly Pulliam
Richard and Carole Quindry
Arturo Ramirez
Christopher and Karen Reisinger
Laura Reynolds
Marianne and Charles Riddell
Daniel and Carolyn Riddle
Jonna and Donald Robinson
L D Rodriguez
E. William Rolley
Cory and Jennifer Roop
Brian Rowatt
Kathryn Sampeck
Carmen and Kirk Sampson
Kirk Sampson
Lauren Satchwell
Robyn and Michelle Schuline
Larry and Laurel Schumacher
Gary Short and Sadie Carlock-Short
Dianne and Bryan Siverly
Suzann and Thomas Spada
Shelly Spain
Cheryl St Moritz
Connie and David Stanczak
Adam and Jeanine Standard
Christine and Michael Stauter
Paul and Jennifer Stearns
Janette Steele
Benjamin and Brianna Stiers
Barbara and Augustus Stubbs
Michael Surma
Jan Susina and Jodie Slothower
Michael and Cynthia Swigart
Laura and Frank Swope
Crystal Telling
Nicholas and Nicole Thacker
Nancy and David Thomas
Nathan and Jennifer Turnis
Robert and Karen Van Plew
Julie Van Valey
Stephen and Mary Volkening
Tom and Dorothy Wachob
Brian and Jill Waddell
F. Mark Wade
Fred and Connie Wade
Kristine and Thad Walker
Thad Walker
Natasha Warloe
Mark and Paula Weissinger
David and Stacey Welter
Isabel and Lee Wheeler
Margaret and James Whitmer
Troy Williams
Akiko and Raymond Wilson
Wayne and Helen Wilson
Denise and Raymond Wingbermuehle
Stewart Winger and Elyse Nelson-Winger
Lisa Winslow
Diane and Ty Wolf
Kelly Wood
Jennifer and Aaron Woodruff
Jennifer Woodruff
Gretchen and Todd Zaitzeff
Richard Zaring
Advanced Womens Healthcare
B. McLean Arnold-Attorney at Law
Berverage Insurance & Financial
Bloomington Carpets LLC
Michael Collins Foundation
Drs. Doran Capodice Efaw & Ocheltree LLC
Duffin for Dirk
E. William Rolley Law Office
Francois Associates Architects
Jaiden Communications
Kohl’s Department Stores Community Relations
The Kula Foundation
Laurie A. Adams,CFP,CLU,LUTCF
Lexis Nexis
Matilda Jane Clothing
Meredith’s Commercial Properties Inc
Owen Foundation
The Pantagraph
Photography by Kent
Redbird Plumbing
Richard Owen Nursery
Sanger Family Foundation
Russell and Betty Shirk Foundation
Sinsinawa Dominicans Unit #6115
State Farm Companies Foundation
Target-Take Charge of Education
Thomas M Barger III-Attorney at Law