Alumni: 2020 Donors

Lab School Donor Roll
January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020

Matthew Aubertine
Audrey Naffziger
Frances Owen

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous (2)
Keita Bates-Diop
Chris and Laura Hamilton

$1,000 – $9,999
Deborah Babineaux
Karl and April Bauchmoyer
Jill and David Beck
Ramsin and Jizet Benyamin
Hulda and Kyle Black
Eric and Karin Burwell
Paul and Mary Crego
Briana Gleason
Kent and Patricia Graves
Jeffrey and Catherine Greeneberg
Kelly and Adam Heissler
Kenneth and Mika Inoue
Albert and Natalie Johnson
Kim and Colleen Kannaday
Dennis and Patricia Kelly
John and Danielle Kim
Jean-Christophe Le Mentec and Zsuzsanna Mentec
Erick Lee and Christina Doxsie
Thomas and Meredith Lovelass
Ajay and Vaishali Malpani
Coleen Marshall
David and Margo Martin
Steven Michaels and Brandon Albee
H. Fred Mittelstaedt
Charles and Jeanne Morris
Julie and Patrick Murphy
Sharon and Thomas Ocheltree
Terry and Dele Ogunleye
Richard Pfeltz
Marcy and M. Curt Richardson
Nona Roldan
Karen and Stephen Sanger
Christina and Eric Schlipf
Ryan Scritchlow and Carrie Harms
Neil and Joan Styczynski
Jane and Jeffrey Walsh
David Wilde
Deborah and Michael Wolford
Deborah and Fred Wollrab

$500 – $999
Brent and Anastasia Alsman
Vanessa and Ronald Barry
Daniel and Jean Bates
John Bjork
Robert Bone
Cairy and Thomas Brown
Janette and Scott Bruns
Kristin and David Burke
John and E. Joan Butler
Jessica and Jason Chambers
Stephanie Checchi
Amy and Craig Cortese
Terence and Marie Dawson
Meredith-Anne and Pedro Diaz
Gregory and Jennifer Eisenreich
Terry Eovaldi
John and Karen Feely
Amanda and Douglas Guyer
Dolores Hellweg
Laurie and Jeffrey Helms
Mary Howard
Ryan and Nicole Huette
Swathi Kakarala and Sateesh Nallamothu
Benjamin and Kara Leak
W. Marc and Rachel Leonard
John Lovelass
Diana and Jeffrey Lowe
Shane Mohundro
Kayla Moore
Joseph and Lois Morrow
Daniel Nanni and Audra Zabava
David and Cathy Oloffson
Susan and Daniel Pelaez
Ronald and Sharon Pocs
Jeffrey and Michelle Pukacz
Shelly Reed-Brooks and Prentice Brooks
Frank and Amy Schuler
Rishi Shukla and Vijay Misra
Shannon and Nathan Moreland
Janet and William Streenz
Pamela and Dennis Toliver
Kristie Toohill
Katrin Varner and Matt Alesci
Brian and Jill Waddell
Joanne Yant and Ellen Thomas
Ani Yazedjian Hensleigh and Luke Hensleigh
David and Rebecca Zastrow

$300 – $499
Max and Christine Albritton
Jay Ansher
Jason and Holly Armstrong
Melissa and Ryan Ash
Andrew and Penelope Bender
Julie Benner
Brian and Kerri Cordray
Charice Crews
John Eckert
Thomas and Linda Eddy
Barry and Alva Caprice Elliott
Franklyn and Collette Fung
Robert and Annette Hancock
Sherry and Parker Jain
Matt and Jen Jones
Debra and Steve Kelso
Chelsea and Jeffrey Keyser
Douglas and Jennifer Manning
Dawn McBride and Jeffrey Wagman
Robert and Carol Morris
James and Leslie Mullins
Joseph and Ursula Mussey
Michael Orgler
Jamie and Eric Outlaw
Timothy and Meaghan Pantaleone
Almetrise and Billy Price
Susan Roth
Richard and Randina Schuckman
Mark and Jane Scott
Peggy Scott
Lisa and Ryan Tabaka
Darren Voth
Michael and Terri Wiant
Nicole and Jeremy Wilcox
Teri and Stephen Wilson
Glen and Kelly Wood

$100 – $299
Mary Jo and Sandy Adams
Lowell and Eleanor Antenen
Wilma and Richard Bates
Christy and Brent Bazan
Bruce Bergethon and Jo Porter
Darren Beverage
Mary Ann Boyd
John and Heather Brown
Kelly and Adam Shapley
Kevin and Tammy Carroll
Gary and Nancy Cater
Del and Margaret Chance
Wing and Alexis Chark
Michele Cheeseman
James Chow
Chris and Tracey Clayton
Catharine Crockett
Walter and Linda Crowley
Kimberly and Kevin Crutcher
EJ Dale
Karen Deighan and David Skelding
Dinusha and Duleep Delpechitre
Jocelyn and Brendan Duncan
Laurie and Sean Dunne
Charles and Preethy Edamala
Troy and Shawn Eiker
Joan Fagerburg
Don Farmer
Mark and Colleen Fellheimer
Dennis and Laura Fitzgerald
Megan Fitzgibbons-Sanchez and Ricardo Sanchez
Burton and Lynn Floyd
Staci and Matthew Funk
Martha Gallo
Carlton Gamer
Douglas and Stephanie Gillam
John and Linda Gilmore
Andrew Golomb
Robin and Daniel Gould
Andrew and Abbie Goveia
Victoria Graziano
Norman Hensley
Teresa and Wensley Herbert
Lynn and Stephen Hillen
Anupama and Narendra Hiredesai
Kristina and Douglas Hocker
Betty Holmes
Max and Irene Honn
Grant and Keisha Hopkins
Shirley Howard
Phillip and Ashley Hull
Wesley and Kate Hunt
Tim Hutchison
Jacqueline Hux
Stephen and Karen Ivens
William and Fern Jennings
Dennis and Leann Johnson
Merle and Karl Johnson
Rebecca and Dennis Joray
Rebecca Josefson
Bryan and Lisa Kendall
Jennifer Kennedy-Lockenvitz and John Lockenvitz
Jeff Kerestes
Austin Kilcoin
Myoung Jin Kim
Timothy and Bunny King
Howard Kloepper
Walt and M. Kathleen Kraft
Beatrice and Charles Kulier
David Kuntz
Judith and Phillip Landes
Robert Landes
David and Susan Landess
Eric and Shelly Lapan
Kuo-Chiang Lian
Todd and Sarah Lindsey
Amy and Adam Lucie
Nancy Lucie
Phornsawan and Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon
Andrea and Darin Markert
John and Verna McAteer
Nancy and Lynn McCain
Mildred and Norman McCormick
Jennifer McDade and James Bowers
Todd and Michelle McElroy
Gregg Mecherle and Barbara Pratt
David and Colleen Mette
Saira and Jim Mohammed
Pamela Montgomery
Karen Moore Schffbauer
Donna and Robert Mullennix
Chris and B. Kathaleen Murdoch
Donald and Donna Murphy
Tommy and Julie Navickas
Diane Newcomer and Richard Newcomber
Norm Nierstheimer
Robert and Shelly Null
Courtney and Kurt O’Connor
David and Laurie Perry
Cheryl and Joseph Petelin
Brian Phan and Dianna Truong
Katherine and Craig Plattner
Katherine and Robert McDade
Michael Raycraft and Emily Gleichman Raycraft
Daniel and Carolyn Riddle
James and Linda Riddle
Alison Rumler-Gomez
Karen Sams-Davis and Gary Davis
Theodore Sands
Dusty Sargent
Sandra Schmeling
Esau Schwarz and Ilvian Ortega-Schwarz
William Semlak and Joani Moore
Lisa Smith
Kirsten Spilde Tess and Robert Tess
Amanda and Lucas Stalets
Jeremy and Autumn Stanton
Dennis and Linda Steele
Joan Sterrenburg
Jennifer and Michael Stubbs
Maura Styczynski
Jayalakshmi Tiruvallur Raman
Maura Toro-Morn and Frank Morn
Paul and Tamra Torres
James and Victoria Van Cauwenberge
Leon and Marilyn Vanderwater
Natasha Warloe and Seth Boggess
Gerald Wells and Ruth Buys
Frank and Barbara Wieting
Nancy and J. Mark Wilcox
Jeffrey Withey
David and Jennifer Woodward
Xiaoman Yan and Youlai Shang
Donna and Frank Zawatski
Richard and Jamie Zeller

$1 – $99
Christian and Antonia Abrahamsen
Kathryn Alexander and Thomas Lauritson
Charles and Katie Allen
Marylee Allen
Molly and Jimmie Allen
Brian and Danette Arends
Jennifer Armstrong
Christin and Nathan Bair
Rebecca and Michael Bair
David and Debra Barford
J. Gordon and Sandra Bidner
Nathaniel and Angela Bonaparte
Janet and Charles Boudreaux
David and Ann Braden
Marilyn Brazelton
Katherine Brokaw
Nancy and Thomas Brokaw
Lynda and Troy Bugos
Margaret Byrd
Amanda and Nathan Kinsella
Jay and Denise Cappis
Scott and Melissa Casey
Jason and Laura Chaplin
Laura Chaplin
Angie and Mark Ciulla
John Copenhaver
William Cullen
Jesse and Kim Cusac
Elena Dagner
John and Yuki Danenberger
Jacqueline and Jamie Deffenbaugh
Jennifer Deighan and Donald Knapp
Darcy Drexler and David Anderson
Michael Ensign
Beverly Fowler
Marilyn and Rogers Freedlund
Denise Fries-Romack and Edwin Romack
Ann Fuehrer
Christine and Steve Gardner
David and Jill Gisler
Paul and Barbara Goetz
Kenneth and Heather Gray
Frances and Ronald Greenfield
David and Heather Grieshaber
Sharon Griffin
Elsie and James Grisolano
Jamie and Kristin Harding
Roslin and Benjamin Hauck
Jan and David Hedrick
John and Patricia Heimerdinger
Brooke Hermanowicz
Arnold and Alicia Hernandez
Bethany and Richard Hoffert
Norma and Herbert Honn
Stacey Houston
Pareppia and Richard Howard-Willms
Steve Hunt and Sarah Diel-Hunt
Kayleonne Ijams
Dorothy Jones
Michael and Erika Jones
Rajendra and Sunita Joshi
Robert Jump
Christopher Kawakita
Edwin Kelley
Michelle and Gregory Kiesewetter
Darvis and Shelly King
Charlotte Kinkade
Diana and Bruce Koppenhoefer
Michael and Cheri Kuhn
Austin and Kristin Lamb
Alma Lathrop
Omolola and Oriyomi Lawal
Janette Lee
Venkat Lekkala and Sunita Lakkala
Diane and Louis LeMarie
Melissa Libert
Cheryl and William Matzker
Roberta and Joe Maubach
Jacqueline and Donald McClure
Christina and Thomas McCormick
Betty McDowell
Karin McDowell
Laura and Todd Miller
Michelle and Chadwick Minor
Carolyn Moon and Richard Seehuus
Marilyn Morrow
Marissa and Michael Moss
William and Mary Jo Murphy
Monica and Kirk Noraian
Arun Pandiyan
Richard and Kimberly Percy
Patricia and Paul Petty
Bobbi Pfister and Rigoberto Alvarez
Richard Pocs
Ann and David Pontius
Brandon and Sara Punke
Angela and Walter Reedy
Kimberly and Todd Romine
Cory and Jennifer Roop
Jill and Aaron Runyon
Kathryn Sampeck
Larry and Laurel Schumacher
Surinder and Narinder Sethi
Gary Short and Sadie Carlock-Short
Trevor and Rebecca Sierra
Gerrit and Beth Sinclair
Wendy Smith and Daniel Thurston
Mara Sokan
Jay and Lisa Sparks
Kirsten Spilde Tess and Robert Tess
Paul and Jennifer Stearns
Kristi Sutter
Michael and Cynthia Swigart
Dayna Tarr
Thomas Tcheng
Duane and Patricia Tesdall
Tracy and Marc Tiritilli
James and Sally Turner
Mercer and Julie Turner
Carson and Iris Varner
Allison Vaughn
Kristine and Thad Walker
Bruce and Theresa Weldy
Lynn Whitlow
Jeremy Wilcox
Lydia Wilson
Stewart Winger and Elyse Nelson-Winger
Margaret Wolf
Jeff and Sarah Wollenweber
Jennifer Woodruff
Jessica and Darrin York
Shelli and Albert Zimmerman
Thomas and Kirstin Zona


Duffin for Dirk
Martin Equipment
Orthopedics of Illinois
Shirk Family Foundation
State Farm
Sutkowski Law Office LTD