Boosters: Executive Board & Committee Chairs 2023-24

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Executive Board

Jennifer McDade

Vice President
Tim King

Shannon Moreland

Angie Reedy

Past President
Angela Null

Committee Chairs

After Prom Coordinator
Carrie Keiser

Cash Bash Event Coordinator
Joan Pacetti Terry Ogunleye

Homecoming Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Felicia Goodman

Aslihan Spaulding

Faculty/Staff Appreciation
Tara Kruger Amanda Esparza Amanda Fisher

Student Hospitality

Dance Hospitality
Amie Kincaid
Michele Mathieson

Review of Fund Request
Chris Grieshaber

Amy Westbrook
Angela Null

Gold Rush Raffle
Megan Brent
Kim Ekhoff

Website/Social Media
Kelli Kiefer

Parent Support Network
Courtney O’Conner

Zoom Master Erin Ester