Alumni: Legacy Society

Legacy Society Members Through 2-1-21

Anonymous (3)
Steve* and Sandi Adams
Erik and Audra Anderson
Arbogast Family Charitable Trust
Matthew Aubertine
H. Carter and Kathleen Barger
Thomas and Carole Barger
Keita Bates-Diop
Barbara and Robert Blunk
David L. Brown
Janette and Scott Bruns
Eric and Karin Burwell
Rebecca Camp
Robert Carden
James and Michelle Chow
Kellie and Michael Clapper
Clyde B. Coombs
Jeffrey and Susan Dessa
Fred Donaldson
Duffin for Dirk
Kenneth and A. Gigi Fansler
George* and Anna* Farnsworth, Jr.
Ruth* Freyberger
Rich and Gina Fritz
Robert* H. Gipson Sr.
Kent and Patricia Graves
Jeffrey and Catherine Greeneberg
Chris and Laura Hamilton
Thomas R. and Mary Hanson
Stacey Houston
IBM International Foundation
G. Stephen and Kathleen Irwin
Kim and Colleen Kannaday
John and Danielle Kim
Jon and Jo Ann* Laible
Jean-Christophe Le Mentec and Zsuzsanna Mentec
Dennis and Anita Lee
William* and Joan Legge Family
Horace* Longbrake
Thomas and Meredith Lovelass
Sandra* Lowery
Coleen Marshall
David and Margo Martin
Eugene* and Mardell* Martin
Dallas and Janice Mathile
Betty Lichty Mayes
Betty and John McKnight
Metcalf School PTO
Steven Michaels and Brandon Albee
James W. Miller
John and Robbi Hartman Muir
James and Leslie Mullins
Joseph* and Audrey Naffziger
Anjuli* and Nicholas Nayak
Jodi and Mark Nibbelin
Ted Nichelson
Joel Oberman
Frances Owen
William and Janet Paarlberg
Barbara Perry
Richard Pfeltz
Kathleen and Edwin Pierce
Norris and Beth Porter
Evelyn* J. Rex
Karen and Stephen Sanger
Shirk Family Foundation
James and Joan Sears Sloneker
State Farm Companies Foundation
Neil and Joan Styczynski
Kent and Sue Taulbee
Mildred* G .Templeton
Barbara Thake
Teresa (Lucie) and Lyle* Thompson
Donald and Marilyn* Turner
U-High Booster Club
Bjarne R. Ullsvik
Christopher and Cynthia Wiant
John Williams
Ronald Williams
Deborah and Fred Wollrab
John* L. Wroan, III