Athletics: Fan Conduct

Why do we have interscholastic athletes and activities?

To provide, for those with sufficient athletic skills, an educational opportunity beyond that which can be offered in a traditional classroom setting.

What Positive Lessons Do We Hope To Teach Our Student/athletes?

Discipline, Confidence, Team Work, Respect For Others And Their Efforts, Self-Control, How To Set Goals And Work Toward Their Accomplishment, When Things Do Not Go Our Way ( For Whatever Reasons), How To Be Proud Of Our Efforts And Try Again, Responsibility For Our Own Actions And Not Find Excuses Or Blame Others For Our Failures, To Develop The Ability To Respond In  Emotional Situations Not With Uncontrolled Emotion But With Appropriate Responses That Result From Sound Reasoning, Tolerance Of Others, And Many More.

Where Is the Athletic/activity Classroom?

The Gyms And Playing Fields Are The Athletic Classrooms. We Expect Our Student/athletes’ Conduct To Be Appropriate For These “classrooms”. When Our Student/athletes’ Conduct Is Not Reasonable, They Will Be Subject To Appropriate Discipline.

Conduct Of Our Guests – Specific Recommendations Have Been Made By The U-high Administration

We Also Expect Guests To Conduct Themselves In A Manner Appropriate For Our Classrooms. When Our Guests’ Conduct Is Not Reasonable, They Must Be Excused From Our “classrooms”. Individuals Who Conduct Themselves In A Mannner That Is Inappropriate And Reflects Negatively On U-high Programs Or Personnel Will Be Excluded From Activities.

University High School Has A Reputation For:

  • Quality Education
  • Quality Activities Programs
  • Quality First Class Fans And Students

This Reputation Is Well Deserved.

U-high Will Not Have This Hard-earned Reputation Destroyed By A Very Few Who Choose To Conduct Themselves In An Unacceptable Mannner.Event Supervisors Are Directed And Empowered To Request That Any Fan, Student Or Adult, Who Is Acting In An Inappropriate Manner Leave The Area Of The Contest. The Judgement Of The Event Supervisor Will Be Supported. We Intend This Empowerment To Include Contests Held At U-high Facilities Or At Any Other Site. Fans Who Fail To Follow The Event Supervisor’s Instructions To Leave Will Be Assisted From The Facility By The Security Officer On Duty At The Event.