TCH: Helping the 216 student prepare for edTPA

(Things to Say to/Do with your 216 Student)


  • State lesson objectives in actionable terms (“the student will analyze, justify, create,” etc.)
  • Reduce the number of objectives for each day. EdTPA requires a teaching sequence of 3-5 days, just as 216 does. Might be just 1 or 2 objectives for 3 days.   Dig deeper into fewer objectives.
  • Align everything in the lesson to the objectives (assessment, activities, etc.)


  • What will it look like if the student is able to achieve the objective? How will you know?
  • How will your feedback to students help their learning?
  • Move away from pre-test/post- test model. How do you know where the students are in their understanding today? What are the next steps for your students? Find ways to assess your students formatively every day.


  • Watch 10-15 minute video clip of the 216 student teaching and help them identify areas that need improvement. In particular, help the 216 student see missed opportunities.
  • Help the teacher candidate identify instances of student learning and explain how they see student learning in that instance.