The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is now open for seniors, and the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program is here to support our school’s efforts with free FAFSA assistance and scholarships for completing the FAFSA.

Wyatt, FAFSA Assistance Chatbot
College Board has partnered with Benefits Data Trust—a national nonprofit—to connect Opportunity Scholarship participants with Wyatt, a free FAFSA-assistance chatbot that answers questions via text message. Students can receive around-the-clock help from Wyatt to ensure that frequently asked questions get answered quickly. All seniors can now sign up for Wyatt using the link at the top of the Opportunity Scholarships homepage.

Watch the video below to get help completing the FAFSA.

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Scholarships for FAFSA Completion
By confirming completion of the FAFSA, students can qualify for drawings for $500 College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Here’s how students qualify:

  1. Sign up for College Board Opportunity Scholarships if you haven’t yet joined.

2. Fill out the FAFSA.

3. Once you have submitted the FAFSA, visit the My Action Plan page and confirm your submission.

4.If you are legally ineligible to complete the FAFSA, you can still qualify for this scholarship on your My Action Plan page.

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