How do I get to UHS?

See the driving directions found HERE

Where can I park?

Parking close to U-High is limited; you can park at the meters (make sure to pay!) or in the lot just north of Hancock Stadium.

How do I get inside UHS?

Swipe your ISU ID at the south entrance (water tower parking lot); if that doesn’t work, press the silver button to contact the office.

How do I get around in UHS?

A map of classrooms is available in the UHS main office or ask a staff member for help!

How do I get involved in UHS sports or clubs?

One of the best ways to get involved in assisting coaches or club sponsors is to contact the activities and athletic director, Steve Evans (ph. 438-7373).  Be persistent if you do not get in touch immediately — things can get busy in the athletics office.  You can also feel free to seek out a coach yourself.

How can I be successful in my clinical experience?

There are many tips that can be offered in order to help make this a useful, rewarding experience, the most common advice is to keep an open, critical mind and to get as involved as you possibly can.