Math: Department Expectations

Class Procedures

Each day students should:

–          Get to class on time

–          Bring appropriate materials, including notes, pen or pencil, textbook, calculator, etc.

–          Have assigned homework completed and in a notebook

When you enter the room:

–          Sit down and set out your homework BEFORE talking to classmates

–          Avoid situations which could lead to disciplinary problems

–          Respect school property by throwing garbage in trash cans, by recycling unneeded papers, by keeping feet off of desks and chairs, and by refraining from writing on desks, walls and chalkboards

–          Do NOT bring food, drink, or gum into the classroom unless instructed to do so by your teacher

On test days:

–          Be particularly quiet when you take your seat and do nothing to delay the start of the test

–          Listen to instructions carefully, asking personal questions after others have begun


Student Expectations

–          Show courtesy and respect to your teachers and classmates at all times.

–          Listen to and participate in the lesson each day.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions – this is one of the most valuable tools we have in learning.  You will be doing your classmates a favor by having the confidence to ask.  Students who do not participate in class discussions may be removed from class.

–          Keep the classroom neat and clean.  Do not litter or write on school property (desks, boards, etc.).  The teacher will dismiss the class each day when the room is in order.

–          Do your best on every assignment.  Work neatly and carefully on homework assignments and tests.  Show work when appropriate and be prepared to explain your process for getting an answer when asked to do so.  Check your work with the answers provided whenever possible.

–          You will have some type of homework assignment nearly every day.  On many days, you will have class time to begin this work.  Use this time wisely.  Students who fail to use study time properly may be removed from class.  Assigned work not completed during class time should be done as homework.  It is the belief of the Math Dept. that students must practice their math skills in order to master them.

–          Attendance in every class is important, particularly in sequential courses such as math.  Students should avoid absences whenever possible.  If you must miss a class, you must present an admit slip from the Main Office when you return.  It is YOUR responsibility to obtain missed notes and assignments and to complete the missing work.  No credit will be given for work not completed within the allotted time. 

–          Most assignments can now be found online.  Check with the instructor to learn the location.

–          The Math Department will request that excessively absent or uncooperative students be removed from class on a permanent basis.

–          Refer to the Student Handbook for additional guidelines.  Please pay particular attention to the following:  attendance/tardy policy (pages 15-16, 20-21), student dress (pg. 16), and cell phone usage (pg. 30)

Faculty Support

–          Come to the Math Office to get help.  Any math teacher is more than happy to help you with almost any question or problem that you might have.  Teachers are available before and after school, and during nearly every hour during the day.  Help is also available in The Learning Center, Room 237.

–          Don’t wait until you get behind in your work.  Let a teacher know as early as possible that you are having difficulty.  The sooner we know of a problem, the easier it can be to correct it.

–          When waiting for a teacher in the Math Office, please stand quietly in the hallway until the teacher can assist you.  Do not hang around a teacher’s desk or touch anything on the desk unless invited to do so.

–          Students will be allowed to use the office phone only with the permission of a teacher.

–          Parents/guardians will be contacted with regard to student problems, both academic and behavioral.  Additional conferences or requests for weekly progress reports will be handled on an individual basis.

–          The lines of communication should always remain open.  Don’t hesitate to call a teacher if you have questions, comments or concerns.  The Math Office phone number is 438-3556.  Many of the teachers can also be reached via e-mail – check the U-High website ( for addresses.