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Cool Mathematics Links
                   Are you interested in a career in mathematics?

Are you good at mathematics but you don’t know what careers  to pursue?If so, check out this very complete site from the University of North Carolina.

GENERAL MATH LINKSNational Council for Teachers of Mathematics American Math Competition – provides practice questions similar to those that students will see on the annual AMC test given in February each year.

Dr. Math – provides complete answers to your math questions.  Search the site to see if your question has already been asked and answered.  If not, send Dr. Math a question by filling out a form on the site. – includes games to help you practice math skills.  Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with more difficult levels.

Mathematician Bios – the place to go for biographies of mathematicians.  Click on the letter of the alphabet or a set of years to get a list of names.

Math Sites – provides a list of links to math sites for flash cards, memory games, and matching games to help build speed and accuracy.

BasketMath Interactive – fun set of interactive games for grades 4 – 10.  Each question is created randomly, allowing the opportunity to master any area selected.  The choices include basic math functions, bar graphs, map reading, rounding numbers and many others.

ArithmAttack – is a game that will tell you how many math problems you can solve in 60 seconds.  You can even download the game (for free!) and run it on your computer at home. 

Basic Skills Review – provides 52 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems on worksheets that you can print.  Once you have completed them, print out the answer key to check your work.

Flash Cards – practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with simple drills.

Webmath – Click on a problem type (fractions, trig, etc.), enter your math problem and click for an explanation of how it’s done and the answer. Remember — you won’t have Webmath when you take the test. Try the next problem on your own.

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